Run for your Bun: The cafe which gives free food if you exercise

As a way of encouraging office workers to break their sedentary work routine, this café is now accepting exercise as payment for healthy meals.

The Run For Your Bun Café inside the David Lloyd Club in London, England, lets participants complete a six-minute intensive micro workout in exchange for a free meal off of their menu. The restaurant was open over the weekend to members of the public with reservations.

The high-intensity interval training consists of one-minute on a rowing machine, one minute on a spin bike, one minute on a treadmill, followed by 60-seconds of sit-ups, bodyweight squats and lunges, with 30-second rest periods between each exercise.

Though it may not seem like a lot of work, the calories replaced by the lighter, healthier meals are no where near the same amount that is burned during the routine. Plus, the gym wants to encourage their guests to understand the benefits of balancing healthy diets and exercise rather than exercising just to “cancel out” unhealthy meals.

“According to our research British office workers spend almost 90% of the working day sat down being inactive and invariably eating lunch at their desks ― an issue compounded by the huge popularity and convenience of food and shopping delivery apps,” Elaine Denton, a health and fitness expert from David Lloyd Clubs said in a statement. “We want to remind workers of the importance of being active at work and moving around more.”

Obesity is a the most imminent problem which faces British society this year. Dubbed as the ‘fat man’ of Europe, one in four British adults are obese. In excess of 20% of the population are obese, which costs the UK economy in excess of £3 billion pounds a year.

It’s unclear how often the gym will open their meal exchange program to the public, however they hope to inspire more gyms to do the same.


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