Meet the Dog That Offers Free Hugs

On a corner of a street in NYC, there is a a five year-old golden retriever who’s become world-famous for her doggy hugs. Her name is Louboutina, named after French fashion designer Christian Louboutin, which seems to fit!

It’s not unusual to find Loubie casually standing upright on the streets of New York with her owner, eager to embrace anyone that walks by.

Loubie and Cesar, a Spanish translator for a local hospital, live in Chelsea together. Loubie started out holding hands with Cesar at around three and a half years of age. Gradually, that morphed into full on hugging. She’s ready to give everyone who walks by a nice hug.

‘We went on a short walk together on a sunny Saturday morning and made a few friends along the way. As you can see, Loubie is an impetuous cuddle magnet.’, says Cesar.

Whatever stereotype people have of New Yorkers being curt and perpetually in a hurry is thrown out the window when this warmhearted canine is involved.

Loubie is always on the look out for the next person to hug. After all, there are a lot of people that call New York City home.

One of her favorite things to do is stand at the corner of 5th and 17th—her “stage”, as Cesar calls it—and let the people come to her. Human or Canine, Louboutina is a friend to all.

Follow Louboutina on Instagram here.


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